WHAT TO WEAR: Splash of Summertime

Written by Rachel Woeltje Seasons change, and now the sun has started to shine far above everything. The weather has been warming up, and bright days are starting to come back into existence. The months of June, July, and August call for drives on backroads, staying out all night with friends, and swimming at any […]

WHAT TO WEAR: July Fireworks

Written by Band Ambassador Rachel Woeltje¬† Three, two, one… are the words repeated when fireworks are about to blast off before your eyes to celebrate the Fourth of July. Whether you are traveling to the beach, across the country, or simply to your backyard to celebrate this holiday, it’s always important to dress your best. […]

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Breaking

Written by Rachel Woeljte Through the bitter and biting season of winter, every person wishes for the sun to shine once again. As time has passed by, spring has jumped upon us. It is now the season of spring and excitement! How wonderful¬†it is for class to come to an end for a week, deeming […]