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WHAT TO WEAR: Splash of Summertime

Written by Rachel Woeltje

Seasons change, and now the sun has started to shine far above everything. The weather has been warming up, and bright days are starting to come back into existence. The months of June, July, and August call for drives on backroads, staying out all night with friends, and swimming at any time of the day. The beach or pool in your backyard is an excellent way to cool down when the summer heat is blaring down on your face. However, to go swimming one must have the proper attire. Plato’s Closet has recently been accepting a numerous amount of swimsuits so I am here to help you find one that will suit you the best!

One Piece

Today, many claim that this style of bathing suit is outdated. However, I beg to differ because it can still be fashionable but modest. It has less chance of falling off, as well, which is an enormous plus for anyone. It can often be hard to find a bikini top and bottom that fits perfectly. When you are shopping for a one piece though, do not become discouraged because they are not as popular. You are swimming for your own pleasure, not for others!

Forever21 one-piece bathing suit for $8.

Retro Swimsuits

This certain type of two-piece has lately been consuming the runways like a wildfire. They were first made popular back in the 50’s when Marilyn Monroe would model them for magazines and pictures. These are a personal favorite of mine because of the classic, old-time vibe they possess. As states, “The idea of a high-waisted bikini bottom with a bandeau top is on point.” Click here to find a few options that they believe are some of the stylish throwback swimsuits for 2017. A swimsuit similar to these can change your overall look within seconds.

Mossimo retro two-piece swimsuit for $12.

The Famous Two-Piece

Bikinis. They can be seen on almost every beach you travel to. They are known for their unique styles and for their comfortableness. If this is your kind of style, then bikinis are the easiest to find within a store. Whether you prefer stripes or solids or prints, any kind can be found. There’s also triangle bikinis, bandeaus, the list goes on and on. Personally, I believe one of the best aspects of swimming in a bikini is that your stomach will easily dry off where as in a one-piece you have wet fabric clinging to you. Bikinis come in all shapes and styles, making you appear beach ready within seconds.

Pink by Victoria’s Secret bikini top and Urban Outfitters bottoms for $8 apiece.

Whether you prefer a two-piece or you enjoy wearing a one-piece with a skirt attached, any swimsuit is a great option. I know it can be difficult to find the right swimsuit because one may have the coverage you’re seeking, but may not be a preferable style. However, Plato’s Closet offers plenty of swimsuits to give a variety to our customers. Even if you are swimming by yourself in the backyard pool, make sure you’re taking a dip in the perfect bathing suit for you!




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