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WHAT TO WEAR: July Fireworks

Written by Band Ambassador Rachel Woeltje 

Three, two, one… are the words repeated when fireworks are about to blast off before your eyes to celebrate the Fourth of July. Whether you are traveling to the beach, across the country, or simply to your backyard to celebrate this holiday, it’s always important to dress your best. There are numerous options to wear since it’s summer time, so follow whatever your heart desires. However, the infamous main colors that are assigned with this holiday include: red, white, and blue. These colors may seem like an odd combination, but if put together properly, they can transform your look into something patriotic within seconds. It can often be difficult to find the right outfit in different stores such as Forever21 or Charlotte Russe, but since Plato’s Closet accepts clothes from various retailers, this allows customers to have the opportunity to find what fits them the best.

A typical girl in the summer heat can be found wearing a flowy, crop-top. Shirts similar to this can be found at Plato’s Closet. A white shirt as pictured below would be best to wear for this event. Later on, it can be used to wear on a casual day or a night out.

Forever21: $8

If you are choosing for a more flirty and edgy look, go for high-waisted jean shorts and tank top. The tank is detailed with an image reflecting the American flag, but it still holds a teenage look. This top worn with shorts and white Converse shoes would be perfect for relaxing while eating hotdogs and hamburgers.

Shorts: Refuge $8 | Shirt: $4 | Shoes: Converse $15

Each girl has a different style and taste on how they prefer to dress. One girl may find an open-back top appealing while another girl has a passion for long skirts. However, other girls draw closer to dresses. Dresses can come in all lengths and styles, whether it’s casual, preppy, striped, floral, or formal. A dress can be used to go for date night or running errands depending on how you dress it up or down. A dress similar to this one from Hint of Blush found at Plato’s Closet in Jackson, TN would be perfect for a day sitting with family and friends while celebrating the Fourth. The off-the-shoulder and light blue material gives it an airy and free vibe. It allows the girl to feel stylish but also comfortable, making it ideal for this holiday.

Hint of Blush dress: $12

Whatever you choose to wear on the Fourth of July, Plato’s Closet is guaranteed to have it. There are many items and choices to be found at this store that are unique but continuously in style. You no longer have to pay full price for the items you wish you have. Do not go the the mall and hand out $60 on an outfit for this holiday when you can simply stop by Plato’s Closet and pay half the cost for more items. Even if you are simply looking for a red or blue shirt to show your spirit for the country, Plato’s Closet is happy to assist you with all of your needs. Don’t break your wallet to attend the Fourth of July celebration. Spend wisely, but still look the best dressed in the latest fashion!`

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