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WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Breaking

Written by Rachel Woeljte

Through the bitter and biting season of winter, every person wishes for the sun to shine once again. As time has passed by, spring has jumped upon us. It is now the season of spring and excitement! How wonderful it is for class to come to an end for a week, deeming Spring Break an unforgettable event in its own right. I knew the outfit I picked should claim the spotlight and reflect the beautiful personality that exists inside of me. Here are my choices when it came to deciding what I would wear for one of my favorite weeks in the year:

White Waves and Breathtaking Breezes

Usually on spring break, most teenagers and young adults travel to the beach, where their worries can’t follow them, making a light and airy outfit the perfect choice. Great outfit choices for the beach include clothing adorned with the colors of yellow, blue, pink, or white. Jeans are usually a staple, but when one travels to the beach, the statement changes to cut-off shorts. When the sun went down and I wanted to go on a cherished night walk on the beach, taking along a sweater made specifically for those nights was the perfect addition.

Sweater: Aeropostale $7 Crop Top: Mossimo $4 Shorts: SO $8

Destination: The City

You can’t go wrong with the latest styles and statements that have walked the runway. In New York City, there is not a human you will find that isn’t up-to-date with what is currently in style. Florals are swamping the windows on the street as well as stripes. There’s no falling to the wayside when Plato’s Closet can prepare you for the city!

Crop Top: Forever 21 $6 Shorts: Le Lis $12 Shoes: Limelight $14

Wild West

Every now and then, students decide to travel toward the west. The destination is not California, but rather the snow-covered mountains of Colorado. Here, it is startlingly different from the warm weather of the beach, so I knew if I had decided to go there to bundle in jackets and layers of pants. If you are a lover of the cold, Plato’s Closet offers plenty of items all year round to wear in the winter such as sweaters. If you enjoy spicing up your outfit, sweaters can also come with graphics or unique designs.

Carpe Diem Sweater: MiKantry Fine $8 SO Sweater: $7


Traveling can be exhausting, so I even prepared myself if I decided to spend Spring Break staying home, with sweatpants and t-shirts being my necessary go-to for the week. Whether you enjoy lounging in long t-shirts or athletic clothing, Plato’s Closet has every item that you could possibly imagine.

Top: Fifth Sun $4 Leggings: Charlotte Russe $6

Spring break was my chance to rush into Plato’s Closet and let my inner goddess shine. They have clothing ranging from bohemian styles to runway designs to the classic, prep style. Summer will be here before you know it and wherever you may be traveling, even if you decide to reside at your house for the entire season, Plato’s Closet can prepare you for whatever life may throw at you.

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