Two Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Looks & Five Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be scrambling for a last minute outfit or still wondering where to spend your night. With this special day full of couples celebrating their love for one another, restaurants and movie theaters are sure to be overflowing. While the movie and dinner date is a time honored tradition, why spend the holiday doing the typical “date night” activities? Here are two cozy looks you can get at Plato’s Closet and five fresh date ideas!

This soft and cozy Valentine’s Day look can be purchased from Plato’s Closet for $40 *not including tax.* (Outfit photos by Emily Austin.)

Maxi Dress: Size XS / $14

Cardigan: Size small / $14

Heels: Penny Loves Kenny / Size 7 / $8

Necklace: $4

1. Browse your favorite bookstore and choose stories for one another.

If you both love to read, why not share your favorite books? There’s nothing more frustrating than reading something phenomenal and having no one to discuss it with! You can read their most loved tales and share your favorite parts.

2. Go to dinner and dancing.

JCIL’s night of romance Valentine’s Dinner Dance at The Opera House Event Hall in Humboldt, TN will be catered by Outback Steakhouse with music played by Juliet & the Romeos. Tickets are $40 each and all proceeds with benefit JCIL Home Sweet Home program.

Deep reds and black tones for Valentine’s Day in this outfit totaling $40 *not including tax.*

Tank top: Love Fire / Size X-Large / $4

Cardigan: Charlotte Russe / Size Large / $12

Skirt: Rue 21 / Size X-Large / $5

Purse: $12

Heels: Old Navy / Size 6 / $7

3. Revisit the place where you met/fell in love. 

Where was the place you first met or fell in love? Relive those happy memories and bring your partner back to where it all began!

4. Take them on a picnic. 

The weather has been getting warmer with spring fast approaching. If the weather permits, pack their favorite foods and enjoy a beautiful day by their side.

5. Make a fool out of yourself at karaoke. 

You don’t have to be sound the next Troy and Gabriella to have fun and serenade your babe. Ignore the fact that you only sound decent in the shower and sing like no one’s watching!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Will you be going on any these five dates? Let us know in the comments!



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