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With all the Christmas hype, it’s hard to believe that it’s already come and gone. Countless memes circulating the web about how awful 2016 was so there are probably a handful of people who are thrilled to have December fly by and move on to a new year. Before the blog delves into all the “new year, new me” stuff, I wanted to look back on the fun parts about the last month of 2016. Here are a few of my favorite Instagram snaps and how we kicked off the end of the year! If you aren’t already following our Instagram and would like to see more, follow us at @platosclosetjacksontn.

Instagram pictures from the Plato’s Closet in Jackson, TN under the username @platosclosetjacksontn

December kicked off with us announcing our Pinterest mood board. Every month, I’ve been putting together an aesthetically pleasing board full of fashion, makeup, nail, home decor inspiration and more! If you’d like to see it and our other boards, click here. Our January mood board is already up and you can find other boards ranging from school outfits to athleisure to home/dorm ideas!

Our Visual Merchandiser, Kortney, changed our in store display around to feature scarves, big comfy coats, beanies and other winter items for your convenience! During December, we began selling more gift cards and offering up special discounts for those who buy one for their friends and family. My favorite part is how they look, with an assortment of cute designs to choose from. Fortunately, we sell our gift cards not only during the holiday season so if you’re interested in gifting one to a friend then pop in the store and ask about them at check out!

Around the middle of the month, we had a Christmas bowling party for our employees. I discovered that I’m not that great at the sport, so it’s safe to say my dreams of going pro one day have been crushed. The top middle picture was taken by Kortney and from a photo booth where we managed to squeeze in with our other coworkers Blanca and Leo. I consider myself to be lucky to work with such amazing women! Here’s a picture of the rest of the Plato’s Closet family ❤️:

To end the year, we had a Boot Event where we displayed boots in front of our store that could be bought for only $10! While that sale is over, there’s sure to be even more exciting sales and events coming up for the new year! To stay up to date on fashion trends, events, sales and what we have in stock, make sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss out!

What exciting things did you do for the month of December? What resolutions are you working on for 2017? Let us know in the comments!


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