2 Outfits to Help You Celebrate Christmas

All clothes featured are from Plato’s Closet in Jackson, TN and priced under $20! (Photo by: Emily Austin)

I think we can all agree the holidays were much easier to handle when we were kids. With no pressure to buy presents, we could simply tear into our gifts Christmas morning and stuff our tummies with delicious food. Grown ups made boring chit-chat that we didn’t understand while we went off to hang out with our cousins. Now, there are presents to buy and wrap for friends and family and the pressure is on. Perhaps you’re excited to see your family all in one place again or maybe you’re still recovering from Thanksgiving. Whatever your situation may be, choosing what to wear doesn’t have to be a burden. Here are two outfits to get you through the holidays:

Christmas Morning

Comfy yet stylish outfit from Plato’s Closet for Christmas morning (Photo by: Briar Burkhead)

For the first time ever, I have a decorated tree (a real one and it smells amazing!) in my own home and my fiancé’s parents are coming over Christmas morning to open gifts with us. While I could wear the classic footie pajamas, I decided to opt for something a tad more stylish, but just as comfortable.

Plato’s Closet has tons of sweaters and leggings to choose from. The leggings I’m wearing have a zig-zag pattern with a subtle metallic looking finish. Instead of going for a standard black legging, a pair like this can set an outfit apart without being too over the top.

For Christmas, I prefer to keep it festive and wear lot’s of red. Whether it’s a red sweater, pants, or even just a festive red lip, incorporating the color red helps me feel like I’m getting into the Christmas spirit. I settled on this long sweater with studs on the shoulders to compliment the metallic look of the leggings. While this look may not be the level of comfort you may get from a pair of reindeer footie pajamas, it will certainly look better in the Facebook photos you didn’t even know your mom was taking.

Sweater: Charlotte Russe / Size Medium / $12

Leggings: Cherish / Size Large / $4

Christmas Family Dinner

A casual outfit from Plato’s Closet that would be perfect for holiday dinners with family and friends. (Photo by: Briar Burkhead)

Obviously this outfit offers a splash of red as well – this is a Christmas post after all. These jeans are made of cotton, polyester and spandex which means they have some stretch to them, which we all know comes in handy when your eyes are bigger than your stomach. It may feel good to pop the button of your pants and let it all hang out like your Uncle, but let’s remember that it doesn’t have to come to that.

I paired the red jeans with a black long sleeve blouse that has a sheer top and a few gold studs lining the top of the chest. I added a trench coat for warmth and to break up the dark tones, but I also found that on particularly windy days it transforms into a cape (fighting crime never takes a holiday, unfortunately.)

Near our cash registers, there’s a plethora of scarves in varying colors, textures and designs. I kind of stood in front of the selection dumbfounded for a moment, wondering where I should start. Then I considered buying several, because I think Tennessee weather might be trying to kill me. I should be prepared, right? In the end, I went for this plaid Abercrombie and Fitch number. The long and wide design offers plenty of styling options and the soft material kept me cozy in rip-roaring winds.

When it comes to boots, I can be picky sometimes. For most of my boots, I like to go for a thick 1-3 inch heel. Preferably, I want the added height without the pain of sore feet. These boots from the brand Croft & Barrow offer the perfect blend of timeless classic and comfort.

Blouse: Forever 21 / Size Medium / $5

Jeans: Earl Jean / Size 5/6 / $8

Coat: Mossimo / Size Medium / $8

Scarf: Abercrombie & Fitch / $8

Boots: Croft & Barrow / Size 8 / $12

What will you be doing for the holidays? 


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