Fall and Winter Inspired Disney Princess Outfits


Disney Princesses are such iconic characters that have resonated with girls and women all over the world and that’s because of their bravery, spirit and strong will.  Recently, it seems Disney Princesses have begun to reflect what our mother’s have been trying to drill into us since birth: that you don’t need someone else to validate your worth. Who could forget Elsa’s legendary line, “You can’t marry a man you just met.” Despite past princesses marrying right away and being a bit too boy crazy, there’s no arguing that these characters fought for what they wanted and faced their fears. That’s why we still treasure them and sing their musical numbers at the top of our lungs!

In honor of the characters that have shaped our childhood and will continue to shape the lives of many young girls (and maybe even boys), I wanted to do a Disney Princess inspired outfit post. Let’s face it, some of their outfits were just as memorable as their personalities. Old and new, here are several fall and winter inspired outfits from our favorite leading ladies:

Snow White – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” 


Throw on a red headband with this look and you’ll basically be Snow White. This color combo is so recognizable that one of my coworkers immediately guessed what the outfit was for before I told her what kind of blog post I was doing! Snow White is best known as the first Disney Princess, but this actually isn’t true according to “Snow White” was the first full length animated feature film, but the first Disney Princess goes by the name Persephone who was the main character in a 1937 Silly Symphonies short called, “The Goddess of Spring.”

DressCALS / Size Medium / $10

CardiganDylani / Size small / $12 (+ 50% off)

BootsBongo / Size 8 / $10


Merida – “Brave” 


Brave was the first Disney Princess movie where the main character didn’t meet a man and fall in love. Although there’s a competition to see who will win her hand in marriage, Merida has different plans. Not all Disney Princesses married in their movies, but all of them did have a love interest unlike Merida (soon followed by Elsa.) To make the movie even more awesome, the animators had to personally learn the choreography for the fight scenes so they could be familiar with how the characters would move. Don’t believe me? Check out a picture and some more “Brave” facts here.

DressAs U Wish / Size X-Small / $12

JacketAbercrombie & Fitch / Size Large / $25

BootsSize 7 / $10

Necklace: $5


Pocahontas – “Pocahontas”

pocahontas Pocahontas is the only Disney Princess that was based on a real person, despite being historically inaccurate. The real life figure was named Matoaka, although she did go by the nickname Pocahontas which means, “playful one.” Pocahontas was around age 11 when she met John Smith, who was 27 years old. She did save his life, but there’s no evidence of a romantic connection. In real life, she married Kocoum, but after Pocahontas was taken for ransom by Samuel Argall, her and Kocoum were forced to divorce since she was held captive for over a year. An Englishman named John Rolfe then conditioned her release if she agreed to marry him, which became the first recorded marriage between a Native American and European. From that point on, she was known as Rebecca Rolfe. Of course, all of that is a bit too dark for Disney.

DressLTX / Size Small / $12

Sleeveless CardiganTiming / Size Medium / $10

Fringe HeelsHot Tomato / Size 11 / $14 (original tag still on $35.99)



Aurora – “Sleeping Beauty”


“Sleeping Beauty” is a classic fairy tale that was adapted from the Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm version. In the Perrault version, her name is Aurora, but in Brothers Grim she goes by Briar Rose. To compensate for this, the Disney version gives her the birth name of Aurora, but she adopts the name Briar Rose while hiding from Maleficent. She’s the third Disney Princess and the last to be developed by Walt Disney himself. Aurora also speaks less than any Disney lead character (with only 18 lines of dialogue), except for the 1941 movie “Dumbo” where the little elephant was silent the entire movie.

Long Sleeve Shirt: One Way / Size Small / $10

Skirt: American Eagle / Size 0 /$10

Cardigan: Size Medium / $10

BagApt. 9 / $6

Shoes: Hot Tomato / Size 7 / $12


Elsa – “Frozen”


Even though Elsa is technically a queen, she started off as a princess in the movie and I felt the need to add her to the list. Elsa is the only Disney princess who possess powers, although there is a fan theory that Anna has super strength that I believe is worth consideration. Frozen is loosely based off of Hans Christian Andersen story, “The Snow Queen” and was first put into development by Walt Disney in 1939.

Sweater: Studio Works / Size Small / $8

Jeans: STS Blue / Size 3/4 / $12

Shoes: Red Circle / Size 6 / $8

Necklace: $5


Anna – “Frozen”


It may surprise you to learn that Anna originally wasn’t a princess at all! In the early stages of production, Anna was a peasant who was in search of the Snow Queen so she could help to thaw her frozen heart. Through this version, filmmakers had a tough time creating a thoughtful relationship between their two female leads and decided to have them instead be siblings.

Sweater: Gap / Size X-Small / $14

Skirt: L.A. Hearts / Size Small / $8

Heels: Rialto / Size 6 / $12

Scarf: $5


Tiana – “The Princess and the Frog”


tianaTiana made history in 2009 as the first African American Disney princess. Although Disney made the characters Jasmine and Pocahontas, Disney princesses have been mostly white throughout the years. Many famous African American actresses and singers desperately wanted to voice Tiana’s character including Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Tyra Banks and Alicia Keys, but the role ultimately went to Anika Noni Rose. The directors didn’t want a big name star to voice the main character to help with the characters identification and to avoid the mental image of the real actor. In stark contrast, Tiana’s mother Eurdora was voiced by the infamous Oprah Winfrey.

Shirt: Vingee / Size Large / $10

Pants: Levi / Size 5/6 / $15

Wedges: Size 11 / $12

Necklace: $3


Jasmine – “Aladdin”

princess_jasmine_disney Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah and is the only Disney princess who isn’t actually the main character of the movie. Glen Keane, lead animator for Aladdin, claims that past princes were cardboard symbols and couldn’t understand why the princesses fell in love with them. Thus, they set out to make a prince who wasn’t just a handsome face, but also cunning and funny. Even though Jasmine isn’t the main character, she’s still a wildly popular princess. She’s the only princess who doesn’t wear a dress (besides Ariel before she gets her legs). Jasmine befriends a tiger named Rajah, who she believes is a spiritual gift from her deceased mother and names him after the story her mom told her about a “star tiger.”

Crop Top: Size Medium / $6

Palazzo Pants: American Apparel / Size Medium / $12

Shoes: Atmosphere / Size 8.5 / $8

Necklace: $3


Cinderella – “Cinderella”


The movie Cinderella was a huge gamble for Disney, because at the time it was made, Disney was already $4 million in debt from past movies that didn’t do so hot. If the movie had failed, Disney would have gone bankrupt. The film took about $3 million to make, but the payoff was well worth it, earning back more that $85 million. In fact, according to Cosmopolitan, this 1950’s princess is still the most popular in all the land! However, between you and me, I’m #TeamElsa all the way.

Shirt: Rue 21 / Size Medium / $5

Shorts: Lelis / Size Medium / $12

Flats: Report / Size 6 / $8

Scarf: $3


Belle – “Beauty and the Beast”


The original version of “Beauty and the Beast” is a much darker tale (and non-musical) with Belle’s character leaning towards the more timid side. In 1988, a British animation director named Richard Purdue was hired to adapt the film, but it was scrapped. Instead, the then Disney Chairman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, wanted a Broadway-esque film with a dash of feminism added to it. As it turns out, Disney was in the midst of releasing “The Little Mermaid” and there were quite a few critiques to Ariel’s character and how often she was manipulated. According to, Peter  Schneider, the Disney senior vice president of feature animation, described Belle’s new personality as, “an independent heroine who wanted more than just a hunky guy. It was an attempt to make her more than a traditional fairy-tale heroine.”

The live action “Beauty and the Beast” will be coming out March 17, 2017 with Emma Watson playing as Belle. This version will be adding a few more feminist elements (see more here.)

Shirt: Iris / Size Large / $10

Skirt: Forever 21 / XX-Large / $5

Wedges: Cato / Size 11 / $16

Necklace: $5


Ariel – “The Little Mermaid”

8940364I think we all know that Ariel is well known for her locks. I mean, how does it look so voluminous and flowy in and out of the sea?! She is the embodiment of unattainable hair goals. Her look required 32 colors (not including the costume change) to show her in changing environments. The sea green color of her fin had to be specially mixed in Disney’s paint lab and was named “Ariel” after her character. Her hair color was chosen not only because red and green are complimentary colors, but also because there was already a blonde mermaid in the movie, “Splash” and they wanted to avoid any confusion.

Well, we’re relieved considering there’s already a plethora of blonde princesses.

Dress: American Eagle / Size Small / $14

Jacket: Dolled Up / Size X-Large / $12

Boots: Size 7 / $10

Necklace: $2


Which Disney Princess is your favorite? What kind of modern day outfit do you think they would wear?

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    1. Thank you so much! I agree, I simply adore the sweater in Elsa’s outfit 🙂 I would have to say that one of my favorites is her sister Anna’s outfit as well. I think the color combination is so cute!

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