Fall fashion staples our employees can’t live without

A photo by Andrew Small.
All photos featured below were taken of and provided by our very own employees at the Plato’s Closet in Jackson, TN.

All of our employees are pretty unanimous on the decision that fall is the best season when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s long cozy cardigans or a bundled up scarf, each have a their own go-to’s when it comes to their fall wardrobe. To mark the beginning of #1 season, three of our stylish employees are contributing to the blog today to fill you in on the fashion staples they can’t live without.

Whitney Dowdy / Certified Buyer and Sales Associate

Certified Buyer and Sales Associate, Whitney Dowdy, channels her inner Wednesday Adams with an all black ensemble.

Fall has always been near to my heart simply because it is home to my favorite holiday, Halloween! When I think about my fall attire I never see myself without these three main items: thigh high black boots, long black duster cardigans and black mini dresses. Sure, you could go with more fall like colors with a pair of ripped jeans, but to me fall is when I can really channel my inner Wednesday Adams.

Kortney Lindsey / Visual Merchandiser, Certified Buyer and Shift Leader

During fall our Visual Merchandiser, Certified Buyer and Shift Leader, Kortney Lindsey, rocks her cardigans in and out of the store.



Autumn has always been my favorite season for a number of reasons: the sound of the leaves bustling in the wind, the crispness of the air, and just how the overall atmosphere is so serene. There’s something about being in nature on a fall day that makes my heart happy. Autumn is also my favorite time of the year because of the wardrobe – there’s nothing I love more than slipping on my favorite booties and cardigan to go out for the day. I have 21 cardigans… Now some might say that’s too many (like my fiancé), but I believe I could add a few more to my closet which isn’t hard to do when working at Plato’s Closet (which is actually where this entire outfit came from). I’d like to end my post with a quote from the great Michael Scott, “[My favorite season is] autumn, when the leaves change. It’s just I… I think it’s just the most contemplative of seasons.”

Katie Naylor / Sales Associate

Sales Associate, Katie Naylor, enjoys wearing burgundy and olive colors to compliment the fall season.

My favorite fall outfit is my olive colored skinny jeans, simple white tank and my burgundy kimono. This is my favorite fall outfit because the colors go so great with the crisp fall atmosphere. This outfit is light weight enough that I’m never too cold or hot in this crazy Tennessee weather. The major plus about this outfit is that I got it all at a low price from Plato’s Closet.

What are your favorite fall pieces?



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