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Wardrobe Haul: Personal Style Picks


All photos taken by Emily Nilla Austin.



The only bad aspect of Outfit of the Week posts is having to return the clothes to the store. Good for everyone else, because if they can head to our Plato’s Closet location to snag the item for themselves, but bad for me because I have to depart with it. One of the better characteristics of my job (besides sometimes getting to work from home in sweatpants, of course) is that I see many of our new items arriving while I’m in the store and can set something aside for myself. Add in the 20% employee discount on top of the top 50-70% discounted mall price and I am officially in thrift¬†heaven.¬†

Since I’ve started working at Plato’s Closet, I’ve accumulated a few holy grail items that I had to have in my closet. Despite not remembering what price I bought some of these at, I do know that none of them were more than $20!

Floral print Forever 21 maxi-dress in a size small.


My top pick has to be this floral maxi-dress. Although I talked about a maxi dress I adored in a previous OOTW post, it was a tad too formal for my closet (I don’t get out much.) This dress, however, is something I could justify buying because, although it is dressier than what I wear day to day, it’s something I can see myself wearing out for a nice date or if I just happen to be feeling myself that day.

The soft floral pattern on this feels classy and simple and the slit on the left side reaches a bit above the knee, showing off the perfect amount of skin, especially on hot days. I purchased this a little towards the end of summer, so I haven’t gotten as much use out of it. Considering fall florals are a big trend this year, I’m hoping I can find a way to style it during days that are a bit cooler. If not, I’ll be happy to revisit this dress again when Spring 2017 rolls around.

All rings at Plato’s Closet in Jackson, TN are $2.49.

I used to own quite a few earrings but over the years I’ve lost most of them. The tray I keep my earrings on has become a sad pile of mismatched nonsense. When these dangly triangle earrings came in store, I purchase them immediately. I’m not much for long earrings and gravitate towards simple studs, but what hipster doesn’t love a good triangle? All joking aide, these have been a jewelry favorite of mine.

One of my obsessions are rings and I’ve purchased two from Plato’s Closet. Both coordinate with this silver geometric style I have going on as of late. I’ve had the zig-zag ring for about two months now and it’s started fade after wearing it constantly, but for only being priced at $2.49, I’m not complaining. The other is a thicker stacked ring and I love the element that it adds to an outfit.


I like my bags to be practical, compact and minimal, yet unique. These two purses both fit that bill to a tee. The fringe bag is one of the first items I bought when I started working for Plato’s Closet. I had been searching for a new bag, because the current one I owned was a too big for every day use. Later, I discovered this studded beauty and knew that I had to have it even though I wasn’t sure I would like anything smaller than the fringe bag. I’ve come to realize I don’t need to take a million belongings with me every where I go and it’s been my go to when I only want to take the essentials *pats self on back.*

Short emerald green Karlie dress in a size medium priced at $12.


I picked this dress up last week, because I needed something for my engagement photo session coming up at the end of October. Although it looks a little blue in the photos, this dress is a emerald green color which happens to be part my wedding’s color scheme. I think this dress is perfect for fall and when I saw it I almost died in that typical OMG-basic-girl kind of way. Not only over the color, but also the billowy sleeves with lace detailing. Next, I plan on buying a pair of black faux-suede thigh-high boots to go with it.

Black Vans in a size 8 priced at $10 and Charlotte Russe flats in a size 8 priced at $8.
All of our jewelry at Plato’s Closet in Jackson, TN is typically priced around four to eight dollars.

Whenever I work in the store, I’m on my feet the entire time, making a pair of comfortable shoes a must. I had been needing a pair of plain black sneakers that could go with any outfit and purchased these black Vans at $10. The simple red flats that were priced at $8 and are something that I grabbed for the days when I want to break up all the black and add a pop of color

The last jewelry bits that I added include this choker and circle necklace. The black choker is something I style constantly and you may notice it from the OOTW post where I talked two-piece sets. The circle necklace is more recent and it’s simplicity adds that little last touch for outfits. A necklace this thin and minimal would also be good when layering necklaces together for varying looks.

I’ll eventually do another post like this one closer to winter. My fall wardrobe needs to be cleaned out and I’m sure I’ll be adding some chunky knits into the mix. What are some of your favorite items that you’ve purchased at Plato’s Closet?





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