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Outfit of the Week – Let’s Talk Two-Piece Sets


A two-piece halter top and midi skirt set from Rue 21, size medium. (Pictures by Briar Burkhead)


Here’s the thing: I’ve developed a fascination with two-piece sets as of late. It’s like saying, “I haven’t the need for pairing two things together. That should already be done for me.” We have had several two-piece sets run through the store, from scalloped shorts and crop top pairs to a delicate black lacy number. Although you may not be able to tell upon first glance, this is a midi skirt and halter top two-piece set.

The sets I tend to see are minimal and beautiful, but this one in particular seems to have something to say. The pattern on it is something I envision Queen Cleopatra would wear, with its gold and red pattern that immediately demands your attention.



As we soak up all the new styles from New York Fashion Week, we are reminded that fashion is a form of art. It’s a way to tell a story about ourselves, how we’re feeling and what we enjoy. Perhaps that’s why many Fashion Week reporters stalk the street style just as much as they pay attention to the shows. It’s not just the runway that speaks for today’s style, but the world itself. Every day we are surrounded with beauty and people presenting themselves in material that makes them feel the most like the who they want to be. The world isn’t filled with clean-cut models and perfectly semetrical faces. It’s not the altered ads that we see – images that aren’t even real. It’s filled with people trapped in their own state of mind, hustling past one another to their next destination, wearing something that attempts to translate themselves to the world.  They are styles that our future children will look back at, laugh and then be bring back several years down the road.

Trends come and go, then come and go yet again. We see an evolution of fashion over the years and I believe it’s important to slow down and appreciate what we’re seeing here. Now. Thus, I am embracing the two-piece. I am embracing high waisted everything and all the 90’s throw back styles, like this choker.

As for how I styled this look, I paired it with some plain $10 black vans and a $4 black choker that I bought from the Plato’s Closet at our Jackson, TN location. I topped the look off with a bright red lip to compliment the outfit. This makes a perfect street style look with its urban and effortless aesthetic. However, if you want to go for a night out look, I would suggest pairing it with wedges and a deeper shade of red lipstick. If you desperately want to look like the Queen, a flick of gold eyeliner will transcend this earthly realm and stop everyone in their tracks.




This size medium set is from Rue 21 and is still up for grabs in our store. Get the top for $3 and the midi skirt for $5! Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but that’s just how we roll. *Insert smug face emoji here*

How do you style a two-piece sets? What street style fashion is speaking to you?


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