August Instagram

A new month means new content for Instagram. However, I wanted to look back on some of the best pictures we’ve had at @platosclosetjacksontn just as I did for the month of July. In August, we got to kick off our boot event to welcome the upcoming fall season! While it’s still warm out, we’re incorporating those fall vibes onto some of our mannequins by pairing shorts and skirts with cute sweaters and light scarfs, like in the top middle photograph. During this time, we’ve also received an insane amount of new jewelry for the store. While we do buy gently used clothing from customers, sometimes they also bring in items with the tags still on it. Just like the necklace on the far left middle row, we have new jewelry in store from places like Rue 21 and Cato’s. Last month we also made a Pinterest, where there’s no end to the amount of fashion inspiration you can gather. While I’ll no longer be pinning to the August Mood Board, a new mood board for September is just around the corner!

Photos that are featured on our Instagram at @platosclosetjacksontn (Photos by Emily Austin and Pinterest).

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