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We Just Solved Your Back to School Outfit Frustration

Come get your back to school styles at Plato’s Closet on Saturday, July 30th, for tax free weekend. (Photo by: Emily Nilla Austin)

What to wear, what to wear? This is the question that haunts us every morning, but none more so than going back to school. Whether you’re starting your freshman year or storming the halls as a senior, Plato’s Closet has got you covered for back to school fashion. While all of our prices are already discounted off of mall prices, this Saturday is tax free weekend which means even more savings!


So, not sure what to wear for your first week of school? I’ve assembled five outfits that are sure to give you a little inspiration before you come in store, so you can choose the outfit that will start your academic year off right. School072516-Morgan


1. Florals and faux leather

Leather pants can be slimming and often make an outfit grunge. For some nice contrast, top it off with a button-up and floral kimono.

Floral Kimono: Haband! / Size medium / $8

Button-up: Old Navy / Size small / $5

Faux leather pants: Jennyfer / Size 5/6 / $12

Red flats: TOMS / Size 6 / $8

School072516-2tagged 2. Soft tee, jacket and shoes that make a statement

Is it just me, or are classrooms kept at freezing temperatures? That’s no problem with a soft T-shirt topped with a jacket, but be careful not to fall asleep in class. Keep your outfit from appearing boring by finishing your look with a pair of shoes that stand out in the halls.

Soft long sleeve T-shirt: American Eagle / Size small / $8

Light jacket: Mossimo / Size large / $8

Skinny jeans: Levi / Size 5/6 / $15

Leopard gold tipped flats: City Classified / Size 7.5 / $10


School072516-3tagged3. A long faux suede skirt paired with dark colors

School dress codes may be a pain, but you still have to follow them. Luckily, maxi and middi skirts have been in style for quite some time now. Take advantage of it! A faux suede skirt such as this one looks great with darker colors, so experiment with this style to find what works for you.

Long sleeve shirt: Heart and Hips / Size large / $10

Faux suede skirt: Mossimo / Size 5/6 / $7

Maroon flats: Charlotte Russe / Size 8 / $8

School072516-5tagged 4. Boyfriend jeans and a preppy shirt

Who says casual has to look frumpy and basic? Pairing a top with a nice print can transform any look. This top in particular sets this outfit apart not only with the polka dots and stripes, but also the scallop shape on the bottom and sleeves.

Navy shirt: Cooperative / Size large / $8 (at 50% off!)

Boyfriend jeans: Old Navy / Size 9/10 / $8

Navy flats: H&M / Size 8 / $8


5. Patterned crop top and high-waisted jeans

Crop tops have become quite the style favorite lately, but aren’t always school appropriate. Luckily, there are plenty of crop tops made of thicker material and pairing them with high-waisted pants will ensure that you aren’t getting kicked out of class.

Aztec print crop top: Forever 21 / Size small / $6

High-waisted white jeans: Talbots / Size 5/6 / $12

Black sneakers: Old Navy / Size 8 / $6

Top all these looks off with your favorite jewelry and you’ll be good to go!

For those of you who have to wear uniforms to school, don’t worry. Not only are all of these looks perfect for the weekends, but we also have polos in all kinds of colors and sizes as well as khakis.


What kind of look will you be wearing back to school?

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