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Outfit of the Week: Maxi Dress Daydream

Purple Maxi Dress: Double Zero brand / size medium / $14 (Photos take by Briar Bulkhead and edited by Emily Austin)

“Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends.” – Kate Spade

Sometimes you wake up in the mood to dress like a Disney Princess, much like your childhood days when you owned light up Cinderella heels. No, just me? While I may not have birds to dress me at singing command, this is something I imagine they would style me in.



MaxiDress071216-11I’m a bit of a pale nightmare, which I’ve come to accept over the past few years. I’ll never have those summer tanned legs that can rock a pair of shorts. In fact, I’ll most likely be the one you see putting on sunscreen ever hour to keep from looking like a lobster.

It’s cool though, because I’ve realized a summer style that’s even better: a maxi dress. Not just any maxi dress, but this purple beauty that caught my eye in our store about two or three weeks ago. And while I took it home to snap some photos for the website, it will be back in store soon for someone to snag!

Thus, this is why I’ve been coming down from a Disney high as of late. While not a princess ball gown, this number makes me think of dancing through the woods and talking deer (yes, I know, I have a problem.) The long skirt is flowy and comfortable, making it perfect for a day with a nice summer breeze.




I have to say, my absolute favorite part of this look has to be the back of the dress. The back is almost completely open, with the straps crisscrossing at the top then tying together. It’s delicate and carefree. If that isn’t the epitome of summer, then I guess I’ve been living my life all wrong.

It’s not just the open back of this dress. Really, everything about it is stunning. The top has lace detailing and synchs at the waist. This kind of waist is something I personally like in my dresses, as I find it looks best for my figure. Besides the structure of this, the pattern of the skirt looks nice and detailed as well.





What piece of clothing is the epitome of summer to you?

Purple Maxi Dress

Brand: Double Zero

Size: Medium

Price: $14



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